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We are a production company not just an online reseller. Our experts have field tested and installed many of the products we sell. 

Don't buy unregulated products from untrustworthy sources! 

Many online sellers buy imported products directly from offshore manufactures. Their prices may be slightly lower for similar, knock off or imitation products.

Our products are certified for the Canadian market! 

All of the products we sell have passed inspection with a Canadian regulatory agency. Some sellers may tell you that your local law does not currently require you to use products which conform to Canadian electrical standards in this industry. This still may be true in some areas but it's just a matter of time. Don't get stuck with unusable or illegal products. Don't take our word for it, contact the Canadian Standards Association or your insurance adjuster and ask them about the risks involved with grey market electronics. Non certified products are not worth the risk.....therefore we do not resell them ever!


We sell for less!

We sell all our products at the lowest prices allowed by our distributors. We keep our costs low and your wait time short by shipping directly (in many cases) from our distributors warehouse directly to you. If you see a lower advertised price chances are you are not buying from an authorized dealer, will not have Canadian warranty, or you might be purchasing a counterfeit product. If you do find a product advertised for less from another authorized dealer in Canada, we will match it guaranteed!

We are authorized dealers for all new products we sell. We warranty the products we sell. Lets face it sometimes things break. The free 1-3 year warranty is included on most products and is second to none.

Free Shipping!

We offer free shipping on all orders over $999.00

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Looking for a specific item which is not listed?

There are many new and used items for sale which may not listed in our online store.

Feel free to email us: sales@productionsales.ca